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Deciding to go offshore is just the first step in achieving results of your plan. Contracting to an outsourcing service provider is the swiftest way to go offshore, because you don’t have to hire and coach workforces or lease a workplace and set up your own infrastructure. With a consulting company, the hourly rate can be greater but the generally cost is less. They’re not your team, but you can halt contracts straightforwardly if you need to. So, the overall value and trustworthiness of service is higher.

Outsourcing to recognized IT Consulting Company in India like AIS could be a noble major footstep in your offshore strategy. Your company needs to demonstrate that offshore outsourcing will work for you. And the best methodology is to outsource first.


Many US IT companies decide to outsource offshore direct starved of knowing the real-time problems that are painstaking. Some IT companies are going directly offshore without even thinking it through. Corporate boards of directors and VC’s ask executive management what their Offshore Strategy is. There is a lot of stress on the CEO and CTO to have a well-defined Offshore Strategy and plan. What we perceive is that many IT companies outsource offshore without marking any long-term plans.

AIS’s offshore outsourcing model for offshore software development pledges cost savings up to 50% within the first year and with output growths. Our established software development practices, a robust portfolio of reusable frameworks, time zone advantages and expert project teams pool to provide expected business success to our customers.

This is a reason, why industry specific companies have set up Offshore Development Center in India with AIS for offshore outsourcing and realize high returns on their Offshore Development Model.


AIS presently has steadfast budding offshore development center in Lucknow with total in 30+ experienced software engineers. The technology expertise allows offering offshore outsourcing in the areas of infrastructure outsourcing, applications outsourcing, and offshoring.

With ultramodern communication amenities and infrastructure, our offshore center operates as a cybernetic addition to our client’s development environment providing 24×7 services. AIS offshore software development center is located in Lucknow, India.

The AIS facility provisions Executive, Account and Project Management functions as well as high-level System Architecture and specialized consulting and deployment services. Most software development tasks happen in AIS’s state-of-the-art development facilities in India.


For projects that are less than 4 calendar months, AIS usually delivers services completely offsite. For longer agreements, our IT consulting team normally uses a mix of offshore and onsite consultants depending upon project requirements.

Taking benefit of the quality and costs of offshore software development, AIS delivers solutions using onsite/offsite development model where certain phases of the project lifecycle are done with direct client interaction and the execution of pre-defined design specifications is performed by offshore team.

By adhering most prevalent software development methodologies, we are able to effort in the right direction for the project through all required milestones. As you share the brief of the project specifications, we will initiate in one of the following stages:

Analysis: Our project management team will work with you to develop documentation on the scope and requirements of your project.

Design: Start working with our hand-picked best offshore developers in India, we will document the technical design specification for your project. The design documentation includes technology requirements, screen-design, data modeling, object modeling, resulting in a blue-print for your project.

Development: Our project management team monitors daily the development and advances of your project, certifying the quality, as well as achievement of the milestones. You are always kept engaged in the project status, and as development phases progresses, you have all chance to understand, witness and test the outcomes.

Transfer: Your project goes through wide-ranging bug testing and quality assurance. When you are contented, your project is deployed into your production environment.

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